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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Baby Boy Shower

This post is a little old but I wanted to share some pictures from my baby shower which was back in March!!!  My dear friends Julie Joseph and Katie Mills hosted the shower along with Katie's mom.  As you know from my last post my mom, two sisters, and grandmother were all suppose to be there.  But do all the unfortunate events that happened to occur in the tiny span of one week only Jenny Lynn made it.  At least I had her there!  It was a fun time with so many people from different walks of life.  I am so blessed to have lived in such a great place with so many friends.  Saying goodbye is going to be sad and very hard.  But I'm thankful for the time I had with each and every one of them.  This little guy in the tummy has not had much attention on my blog lately.  I think I might have a lot going on right now.  Packing up my house, keeping up with an energetic 2.5 year old while being 38 weeks pregnant, trying to keep up with the cleaning and laundry and cooking, being home for all the repairs and replacements, cheering my husband on that he's almost done and we see light at the end of the tunnel!:) Yep it's been crazy but a fun ride with all of you!

 I told the girls that I wanted something simple like a cookie bar so that is what they did!  Sugar cookies with every topping you could imagine. It turned out so cute!

The food was so yummy.  They did chicken wings, dip, chips, vegetables, cheese and crackers, and a few appetizers.  This pregnant mommy was quite delighted and full!

 Thank you Katie for throwing the shower!!

 We got a pictures of almost everyone that was there.  A few people had left by the time I realized I wanted a group photo!

And my dear friend Julie, thank you!!


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