I'm a happy RN married to a hardworking resident. We have recently become Carolina fans and are adding the color "carolina" blue to our wardrobe and home. I love the east coast and couldn't be happier living in hot, sticky climate. I was raised on a farm/ranch with two wonderful parents and three fun loving older sisters. I went to a one room country school house down the dusty dirt road with grand total of three in my class. Life in the country was rich, meaningful, and simple, just the way I like it. So from country farmgirl to coastal bell, here I am, living life and loving it!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A day with Dad!!

This past week was awful.  I'm just going to get it out there.  Tim worked so hard, Jonah and I were alone all week, and I felt like a single mom (don't know how they do it!)  Tim was on call Sunday and Wednesday which means he goes in at 6 am stays all night and then gets home the next day around 7 and sleeps all day because during his call it was a bad night and he was up all night saving lives:) Then he worked all day Saturday and Sunday.  So therefore he logged 76 hours.  That is almost a full two weeks of work in one.  So because he had not had a day off in 7 days he was off on Monday.  If you are reading this Alli I now have a better appreciation for surgeons wives and understand a little bit more how you have felt the last 5 years!!  The bad weeks come and go, but we are nearing the end, Praise the Lord!  Only 1.5 more years of this:)  Needless to say Monday was a fun day with Dad.  Because of hurricane Sandy rolling through it rained all day so we decided to head to Raleigh to the Museum of Natural History and not only was it fun for Jonah but it was free!  Her are few pictures our day with Dad!!

Jonah was pretty excited about the Mountain Lion.  I think we ended up staying in the main lobby for a half hour because he was just running around pointing to the lion.  I think he might be a hunter like his Papa!!

This is Jonah's favorite place, on daddy's shoulders.  He loves to walk around and be up so high!

Catch me if you can mom.  Jonah is at such a hard age to photograph without him running.  I have learned to snap in the mode where it takes like 10 in a row hoping to get a good one that is not blurry with running away from me!

 We found some fun grass to hide in.  He loves hiding or playing peek-a-boo.  I was able to capture some adorable shots of him being so happy and doing what he loves most, running!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Fall Decor

I am finally getting some pictures up of my fall decor.  I have been loving fall this year.  After being sick all summer because I was pregnant the cooler weather (except for this week) and being able to be outside has been so refreshing.  If Jonah had his way he would live outside. That boy loves to play outside at all times and I don't mind being outside either.  We will take all we can get before it starts to get too cold to be out.  Here is my fall mantel and a few others.  

 The mantel did not turn out how I had envisioned.  There was a cute mantel I saw on someones blog that I tried to recreate but I was lacking in a few things and abundant in others.  Oh well this is how it turned out which at least I got something up there.

And the table was just a quick put together.  When mom was out here we went to the fabric store so I could pick out some fun fall fabric. The pieces on the mantel and what is on the table is what I came up with, and I had the burlap leftover from Mom and Dad's party this summer.

I found this wreath super on sale last year at the outlets.  I think I paid 10 dollars for it.  I was excited because it was cheap enough for me.  I have been wanting to make something for the door but just never got around to it.  This one works and I am pleased with it.

 My poor mum has died.  I don't know if the weather changing so much caused it to crump or if maybe I just didn't water it enough.  I don't know but I kind of want to replace it now!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Someone's in the Pumpkin Patch!

It was so wonderful for mom to be here for two weeks. She spent the first week with Laura and then came to stay with us for the second week.  We had so much fun together.  We got all of Jonah's baby clothes sorted, organized, and put away.  Did some much needed yard work.  Had some fun shopping and drinking coffee.  And we went to the Family Fun Day at a fun nursery called For Garden's Sake.  It was a wonderful time with mom and I am always so sad to see her go, she is such a huge help with Jonah!  I got to sleep in every morning and she pretty much gave him every bottle and changed every diaper. Thanks mom!!  Here are some pictures from the pumpkin patch!!

Going on a hayride!

Check out those lips puckered.  So stinking cute!

Mom and I could not get over how cool this chicken house was.  I was able to catch a little lady going in to maybe lay some eggs.  Mom and both want one now.  Someday I will have chickens, can't wait until that day comes!

Our sweet little pumpkin!

 All smiles for mom who took a bazillion pictures!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

All Aboard!

Mom is in town visiting and last Sunday it was a dreary day and we needed to get out of the house.  My sister called to say they were going to ride the Hope Valley Train and invited us to go along.  We bundled up all warm and snug and headed out to meet them.  There were little trains to watch go around tracks, food stands, and a few box cars that you could tour and look inside.  Some of the box cars were the mail train, sleeping quarters, and storage for luggage.  It was really interesting and fun to see.  Then we hopped aboard and took about an hour train ride in the beautiful fall weather!

Dad and Jonah enjoying the trains go around and around.

Ah I just love that sweetness!  He was loving the trains!

 So sweet.  Just love this picture of my two favorite guys in the whole wide world!

Waiting for the train to come.

The crew!

Jonah having fun with Muzzie and sweet Eli hanging out too!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Friday Fun Day

Laura invited me to go with a group of moms and kids to Hillridge Farm.  It's a huge kid zone with tons of swing sets, duck races, bouncy houses, train rides, a corn bin to play in, sand box, goats, ducks, forts, picnic areas, and pumpkin picking.  Jonah loved it.! We got there and his big cousin Joshua took charge.  Joshua held his hand, held him on the train ride, played with him all day, and escorted him around.  It was the best because I had a babysitter helping me all day.  Here are some pictures from our fun filled day!

And here are sweet cousins taking charge of Jonah Bear!

Jonah's biggest fan Joshua!

Some of the crew!

 Cousins.  I love this picture of the two of them

Fun in the corn bin.

 My sista, Hannah, and Amelia

Laura was playing with him and throwing corn up in the air.  He thought it was pretty funny and was giggling at one point.  He laugh is so stinkin cute!

Haha corn in the air!

And Jonah was in heaven.  He loves the sand and trucks!  We really need to get him a dump truck.  He would push it around all day.  He loves them!
  Looking at the goats.

Such a sweet profile.

My two little sweeties!