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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Katie's Baby Shower

I hosted a baby shower for my dear friend Katie on Saturday, March 10th.  Once again behind on blogging I still wanted to get some pictures up to show you how it all turned out.  I was super excited to get to put this shower on for Katie and had a great time planning, decorating, and celebrating.  Man when you are hosting a shower of any sort it is the best thing for one' house.  I scrubbed places in my house that had not been touched since the day we moved in.  I would say I keep things picked up around my house and am very organized, but deep cleaning is not my forte.  So there were some blinds in need of some major dusting, some cockroach poop/dead cockroach I found under the couch (I know that is really gross, but hey I'm honest) dirty floor boards, and much more.  I cleaned for about two days (probably could have cleaned for another three).  But it all turned out great and everyone had a wonderful time.

I had to take a picture of the cleaning process before everything was nicely clean and put together.  It was much worse than this, but I didn't think about the pic till after I had picked most everything up!

The mantle all decorated and ready for the par-tay!!  I made the banner and Dad did the letters while he was out here visiting.  I am going to use the banner in some way to help Katie decorate her nursery, glad it will be getting some use!

Ah a wonderfully clean home.  That is probably one of the greatest feelings for me.  I get all excited and giddy just knowing my house is spotless!

I ordered these fun straws online and am so happy I did.  I think they added a fun little pop to the drinks!

I didn't get a picture of the food table which I am bummed about.  But you can kind of see the table cloth, and flowers.  

Hannah was so cute at the shower and everyone loved her.  She got to wear a dress and headband and was loving the girl time.  The main focus of the shower was a yogurt bar with lots of different toppings.  I had tart, vanilla, and chocolate.  Hannah chose chocolate with raspberries and mini choc chips.  While she was eating the yogurt she looked up at me said with a huge grin on her face "I am having two desserts, chocolate yogurt and then a chocolate cupcake."  Oh life is good when you are four at an all girls party!

Some of the girls!

Laura was holding Jonah and playing around with him.  This is what he would look like as a little girl.  Still pretty darn cute!!!  Sorry Jonah someday you will look back and hopefully think it was all done in fun!

We had to get some shots of Jonah's little girlfriend.  This is Lillia and she was born six weeks after Jonah.  It was fun being pregnant with Julie at the same time and now we get to share our children growing up together.  She is super laid back and chill and my little man is wild and charming.  It is so fun to see even at this young age how their personalities are blossoming.

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