I'm a happy RN married to a hardworking resident. We have recently become Carolina fans and are adding the color "carolina" blue to our wardrobe and home. I love the east coast and couldn't be happier living in hot, sticky climate. I was raised on a farm/ranch with two wonderful parents and three fun loving older sisters. I went to a one room country school house down the dusty dirt road with grand total of three in my class. Life in the country was rich, meaningful, and simple, just the way I like it. So from country farmgirl to coastal bell, here I am, living life and loving it!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Friday Fun Day

Laura invited me to go with a group of moms and kids to Hillridge Farm.  It's a huge kid zone with tons of swing sets, duck races, bouncy houses, train rides, a corn bin to play in, sand box, goats, ducks, forts, picnic areas, and pumpkin picking.  Jonah loved it.! We got there and his big cousin Joshua took charge.  Joshua held his hand, held him on the train ride, played with him all day, and escorted him around.  It was the best because I had a babysitter helping me all day.  Here are some pictures from our fun filled day!

And here are sweet cousins taking charge of Jonah Bear!

Jonah's biggest fan Joshua!

Some of the crew!

 Cousins.  I love this picture of the two of them

Fun in the corn bin.

 My sista, Hannah, and Amelia

Laura was playing with him and throwing corn up in the air.  He thought it was pretty funny and was giggling at one point.  He laugh is so stinkin cute!

Haha corn in the air!

And Jonah was in heaven.  He loves the sand and trucks!  We really need to get him a dump truck.  He would push it around all day.  He loves them!
  Looking at the goats.

Such a sweet profile.

My two little sweeties!

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