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Saturday, November 10, 2012

15 Months

Happy 15 Months to my sweet Jonah!  This post is just a couple of days late, but I took the pics on the day!  Jonah is such a joy and is growing up so fast.  He is saying a lot of words.  What he says now

Tee Tee
Bye Bye
No (yikes just learned that one!)
and he signs thank you and will sometimes say it

He loves to be outside and climbs on everything.  Even if it seems like he might get some height on it, Jonah is climbing and hanging from something.  He is all boy which I love.  He plays with worms, dirt, leaves, and is learning that sticks are a lot of fun.  He started driving cars and trucks around a few weeks ago and was making the vrooom sound without me even showing him.  Smart one he is!  And if you give him a truck and starting driving it backwards he will immediately turn it around and drive it the right way you can barely tell on the truck but he knows!
I thank the Lord for a healthy, sweet, very active little 15 month old.  We love you Jonah!

Jonah likes to sit at the counter and work on "projects."  He is not totally into art project, but is getting more interested.  At one point he was panting in the candle!!

We love you!!

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