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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hannah's 5th Birthday!!

Hannah Boo celebrated her 5th birthday February 4th. This post is a little late as we have had some excitement in our household this last week, more about that later!  But Jonah and I got to spend the day with the birthday gril and celebrate sweet Hannah turning five.  She is big into princess everything these days so of course the theme was princesses.  Laura did a great job decorating and pulling it all together and Hannah looked like a princess and was glowing all day.  Happy Birthday Hannah, we love you so much!

 Oh then this little cute guy snuck into some of the pictures!!  He was so entertained all day long.  All those little girls in princess dresses running around screaming and doing girl things.  Well he watched and then joined right in!!

 The Birthday Girl!!!  So pretty.

 A picture of the whole crew.  Princess Hannah holding prince charming Jonah!

What happens when we come to Aunt Lauras.  She has lots of stuff that Jonah likes to get into.  Like the school closet for one.  It got quiet at some point and this is where we found him!

 The pretty cake Laura made!  Way to go!

Happy Happy Birthday Hannah.  We love you!!

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  1. Hannah was sitting next to me at the computer and she perked up when she started noticing familiar pictures that included her! Thanks for posting and helping out- we had fun!