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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Baby To Be

With the news of Baby E to be arriving August 12th, my blog has suffered tremendously.  I know I have said before that I am going to get better about blogging.  I keep promising to do better, but as you can see I have failed miserably, sad but true! But on a better note, WHO CARES!  We are going to have a baby!!  I have been wanting to blog about the baby and now is the time to start.
   Tim and I found out December 8th that we were going to be parents.  Wow what a happy day that was!!!  But lets go back a few days/weeks to share the full story.
    We started talking about starting a family late summer of last year.  We were back and forth as to if we were ready, were we financially stable, was it time?  We had had two wonderful years of marriage together and were all settled into life in North Carolina, but was it time?  With an agreement of starting to try in October it was decided.  Tim and I were going for it.  So that was that, October it was.
   We had the joy of going to Tim's cousins wedding the first weekend in November.  Meghan and Daniel were getting married November 6th so we took a long four day weekend to head down to Charleston and be a part of the big day.  All was well, good time with family, good food and drinks, and a beautiful wedding, but I was two days late... Really could this be it?  I told Tim and we both got so excited but then so nervous, what if I really was pregnant.  With our hopes up and spirits high I got my period two days late.  Bummer, this was not it.  But oh well we only tried once.  Lets wait for the next month.
  We decided to go to Western North Carolina with our friends Will and Emily, to Will's family cabin.  We packed our bags Friday morning (December 3rd) and headed out about 3:00 that afternoon for the long, fun, five hour drive.  Will and Emily provided us with walkie talkies which made the trip so much fun.  We are all in medicine, Will and Tim and doctors, and Emily and I the nurses, so we talked about funny patient stories, co-workers, close calls, and more.  We arrived at the cabin that evening in time to get a nice warm fire started and our bags unpacked.  The weekend was a fun one with hikes during the days, and trip to the Biltmore for their Christmas light display, and lots of games with hot chocolate by the fire.  Then it was back to work Monday morning.
  I woke up Monday morning telling my self to calm down.  Once again I was late, but this time I was four days late.  Telling myself not to get worked up, this just happened last month.  So I went about my business trying to ignore, but still thinking about it at all times.
   Tuesday morning rolls around and I'm five days late.  OK this is a big deal.  So that night after work I headed to Target, picked up some toilet paper, Christmas candy, and a pregnancy test.  I was going to take it.  Tim was late call, so he would not be getting home until 8:00 that night.   I headed up to my bathroom, peed on the stick, and immediately it was positive.  I calmly put the stick on the counter and then got in shower thinking the stick was not working, nope this is really not it.   Thirty minutes later I got out of the shower and the stick was bright blue with a large positive sign, it was really positive.  Now I needed a clever way to tell Tim we were expecting.  I finally came up with an idea to wrap the pregnancy stick up as a gift and give it to him that night.  So when he got home I told him I had gotten an early Christmas present for him that I wanted him to open it that night.  I gave him the pretty wrapped present with a huge smile on my face.  He was tired and not really into the whole gift thing at the moment so when he opened it he looked at me was was like "holy crap" and thew the present across the room.  We then laughed about the reaction and then I cried because he was so happy.  And that's how it all happened, and Baby E came to be...


  1. It was fun to hear your story all over again, but you meant that you found out December 8, right?

  2. Yes, I meant December 8th. I really should go back and fix that. Ok Will do that now so people don't think I am really due in July!

  3. Love getting to read the story of how baby E came to be!! So glad you posted it, it is fun to hear all the special things behind the scenes :) We are so excited for you guys! What an amazingly special time, I know God has many blessings for you both!