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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our 18 week ultrasound

And here are those pictures I promised.  Our tech told us that he was snug up again the placenta as you  can see in the first picture.  As she went on with the scan he started moving around a lot and waking up.  So this last picture is him closer up a little farther away from the placenta.  He was ready for a nap after the wonderful show he put on for us.  Here is sweet Baby Boy Erpelding!


  1. I was hoping for some views of bambino's...um...unmentionables. Because we've never found out, I don't exactly know what it looks like on an ultrasound!!

  2. Oh yes, Tim was wondering why I didn't put that picture up as well. But don't you worry. We have a disc of all the pictures the tech took, so next time I am over I will bring it and show you. It was very obvious!:)