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Friday, July 1, 2011

Baby Shower!!

So I finally sat down at the computer and updated my blog.  Yes, I know it has been since April, sad. But with working full time, summer finally here, and being 8 months pregnant it does not leave much time for blogging.  But in six weeks baby boy will be here and maybe I will have more time???  Anyway here are some pictures from the baby shower my sister Laura and dear friend Katie threw me!

So one of the games for the baby shower was to remember all 10 items hanging on this clothes line.  When everyone sat down before opening presents my sister handed out cards to write down the items. It was fun to see who was observant and who was not.  Some people got almost all of them and some people did not even know there was a clothes line with sweet little boy things hanging!!

Here is the cake.  This cake is a duplicate of what the baby invitations looked like.  Very cute idea Lar!

And over near the drinks were all these different blue candies. They were party favors for all the guests.

The spread.  Very good!

So we were not really sure at the beginning of the pregnancy if we were going to find out the sex.  I had in my mind what I wanted for the nursery and went to work right away finding fabrics and paint colors I thought would be a good for either a boy or a girl.  After looking around and having a blast planning I found these "Amy Butler" fabrics in the above picture.  I fell in love with the fabric and instantly knew what I wanted to do with the nursery.  And so my mom being the most excellent seamstress that she is made the quilt, diaper stacker, bumper, and curtains.  Thanks mom, I love it.  Nursery pictures coming soon!

Thanks Laura and Katie for a perfect shower!

And it was so special to have my mom there to be a part of it!

So fun!

Love my friends!

Hannah Boo testing out the frosting!   I think it was a go! 

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