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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things

Time is drawing near for the arrival of our little boy!  I can't believe it, we only have 3.5 weeks to go.  We have narrowed the name down to I think three names at this time and we will make the final decision when he arrives!  I was looking back over the past 8 months and wanted to blog about a few of my favorite things during pregnancy.

1.  Tomato Soup-  I craved tomato soup like it was my last chance to have it.  Tomato soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I remember one of my co-workers paying close attention to what I was eating one morning.  She questioned why I was eating it I quickly informed her it was because we had no food in the house!  I'm not really sure she believed me!
2.  A reason to decorate-  So I have found a new love for decorating.  Since we moved into our house two years ago, four rooms have been repainted and re-decorated.  I have enjoyed decorating our sweet little boy's room.  I picked out all the fabric and my mom made all the bedding and curtains.  I keep telling you pictures will be posted soon. They will!  We just ordered our glider rocker and it should be here the end of the week!  Then I will finally put some pictures up.
3. Straws- Since being pregnant, I have craved fluids, any kind of drink, but with a straw.  My main squeeze is an Arnold Palmer, but to make it even more exciting I always drink it with a straw. Tim jokes with me because you can find at any random time of day somewhere scattered throughout the house an average of 5 glasses all with straws in them.  I feel that I drink so much more and enjoy drinking if I have a straw, crazy but true!
4. Pillows-  I didn't need that many pillows to sleep with until I hit the third trimester.  Now I have four of them and I need every single one.  I snuggle them all around me and rotate from side-to-side throughout the night.  I think Tim might enjoy sleeping in the guestroom more, just because I take up so much space in bed with all my needed pillows, he is a trooper!
5. My Fan- I have to have my fan to sleep! Tim and slept with a fan before for the noise, but it has nothing to do with the noise now.  I need the fan to stay cool.  It is on high, blaring at all times of the day.  It's summer time in North Carolina and I am 8 months pregnant, enough said!
6. Organizing-  I was a little OCD before the pregnancy, but since little one is on the way, wow I am in crazy clean mode.  I have organized and re-organized the guest closet, organized and re-organized his closet, and organized and re-organized every other closet.  I just love to throw away, combine, and compact anything and everything I can.  Writing about this makes me want to go see what else I might be able to organize tonight!  So if you come and visit, everything will be in it's place!
7. Baby Balm- I got a great gift  from my dear cousin Sonneri.  It's called Burt's Bees Belly Balm. I have been using it since the day I was sure I had a" belly bump" and was convinced I was starting to show:) But it is great and keeps my belly so smooth. And I am convinced, that after using it religiously, because of that exact product, I don't have any stretch marks!  My belly is soft and round as can be!
8. Iced Coffee- So I did really good the first two trimesters.  I was one of those that said I would not have any caffeine at all while pregnant.  That went out the door as I approached the hot, sticky summer months of the south.  I found a new love for iced coffee!  I think the majority of my spending money these last few months have gone to Dunkin Donuts!  Unfortunately Dunkin is right on my way to work, literally on the way!  So by passing that sweet sign and smell of coffee every morning drew me in.  Now I don't stop every morning, but I do treat myself often!

So those are a few of my favorite things.  So far pregnancy number one has gone well and I am on my way to having this little guy sooner then later!

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