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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pregnancy This Time Around

Pregnancy this time around is different.  Different in many ways but still the same in some.  And because of that everyone is convinced that I am having a little girl.  But deep down I feel it is a boy?  I don't know why, if it is because I am telling myself that, or if I just know?  Anyway this is what life has been like for baby #2 and me for the past 16 weeks:)

1.  I crave salt.  I want anything and everything salty.  Chips, salsa, hummus, crackers.  Sweets sound awful.  Nothing sweet sounds appealing.

2.  I was sick this time around:(  We got back from Montana and it hit me.  I laid on couch all summer long feeling nauseous sometimes just in the morning sometimes throughout the day.  I never threw up or felt extremely awful but just to be nauseated everyday is exhausting.

3.  I have not gained that much weight yet!!  With Jonah I put the pounds on fast.  This time I have tried to be a little more careful about what I eat and for some reason didn't gain too quickly.

4.  I have such awful acne.  I had clear complexion pretty much the entire time I was prego with Jonah.  Now my face looks like a pizza.  I hate it, I'm self conscious about it, but what do you do?

5.  I have been extremely emotional. I cry at commercials, stories, blogs, movies, radio broadcastings.  It may be a happy story or a sad one, but either way I am crying.  I don't think I shed one tear while pregnant with Jonah:)

6.  I nap a lot when Jonah does.  I guess I didn't really get the opportunity to nap while pregnant with Jonah because I still working full time.  But now I am taking full advantage of those wonderful afternoon naps.  Keeping up with a 13 month old active little boy is a joy, but tiring too!:)

So that sums it up.  That is what this pregnancy has looked like so far.  I feel like it is going quick.  I am already 16 weeks today and can't believe I am almost to the half way point.  Things are going well and I loving being a mommy at home!

Oh and I had to add these photos.  This was at a friends birthday party and one is Jonah happy before we put the birthday hat on.

 And he hated the hat on!!

 And cuteness after his bath!

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