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Friday, December 14, 2012

Baby Langston

I have a lot of catching up to do so here we go.  My friend Mandy and I hosted a baby shower for Josh and Melanie Langstong along with our small group.  It was fun to have everyone together for one last time before one of the couples moves to Baltimore.  We had a fun evening of opening presents and eating lots of yummy homemade desserts and appetizers.  Tim and I are so blessed with a wonderful small group from church that we have enjoyed so much for the past 2.5 years.  And most of the girls in the small group are stay home moms so I have made some wonderful mommy friends!  Here are some pictures from the fun night we had!

Here are just a few snap shots I got of people at the shower.  Jonathan and Katie Beth.

Katie Beth, me, and Melanie.

And it is so fun to be able to joke with friends.  We were all laughing after we took the picture because we were worried we had food in our teeth.  So KB and I were pointing out our troublesome spots.  It was funny if you were there:)

Josh and Melanie

 My little decorations I made.  The candy cane and sock swag.

The lineup is Melanie on the left, Mandy, and then me.  It is so much fun because we are all due pretty close together.  Melanie is due February 14th, Mandy February 17th, and me March 17th.  How fun to be pregnant with two of my dearest friends!!

 Happy shower Josh and Melanie!

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