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Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween North Carolina Style

It was our fifth annual Halloween with the Mosley's and it was very bitter sweet.  We are now into the countdown of our many lasts here in North Carolina and this was one of them.  Since we moved here in 2009 we have been going over to the Mosley's for Chili, Queso, and candy.  It has been such a fun tradition getting to do this every year.  Laura makes a big pot of chili, queso and chips, and then the adults pick their favorite candy from the kids buckets while the kids are distracted oohing and awing over how much candy they collected.  This year was perfect weather wise.  It was 75 degrees that day so Jonah and I headed over early to play outside and enjoy the fall weather.  Then the dads got home from work and we all headed out for some trick or treating in the neighborhood.  They have the best neighborhood for trick of treating because one, It's full of families with little ones so everyone gets into the spirit, and two, they live on a double culdesac so its so safe with little traffic.  It was fun to see everyone get dressed up and the smiles as the little ones were so excited to wear their costumes and get candy. I was unsure if Jonah would wear his costume because earlier in the day when I had pulled it out of the closet he shook his head an said no.  But the minute his cousins started getting dressed he was 100% into it.  I was able to capture a few good pictures.  Some of the better ones are on my phone which I haven't backed up in quite sometime now, and Laura has some good ones too (but who knows when I will get those:), right Lar).  Anyway these will do.  We love you Mosley's and have enjoyed every Halloween we have spent with you!

 Snow White and the Cow!

 I love how Jonah is looking at Amelia in this picture.  These two have become the best little buds.  It so sweet to see them play with each other and how much fun they have together.

 Eli the football player.
The sweetest little cow that you ever did see!:)

 I couldn't get Jonah to look at the camera the whole night.  He had other things on his mind I guess!

 Me and my sweet little cow!
Group picture that was an epic fail.  Oh well.

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  1. Hi Amy! How is the house hunting going? Have you found one in Billings you like? I hope you are doing well. I like the Halloween pictures you posted. :)