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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

3 Months Old

This little blog is a week late because my little man was 3 months old on the 8th.  But I wanted to post a few pictures and fill you in on what Jonah has been doing these days!!!

Happy 3 Months Jonah Bear!

My happy happy boy!

Big Blue eyes!

                                             What Jonah has been up to at 3 months and beyond!
1.  He coos and mimics you when you talk to him.  He likes to see the shape of my mouth and try to do exactly what I am doing!
2.  He loves his crib!  He loves his crib at night, but is also getting to be a big boy and take his naps in his crib during the day.  He took a nap for 2.5 hours this afternoon!!
3.  He is so happy in the morning.  I go in to get him up and as soon as I peak my head over the crib he gives me the biggest good morning grin. It melts my heart!
4.  He loves to be outside.  Whenever we go on our walks he likes to sit like a big boy in the stroller and look at the trees, people walking their dogs, and whatever else comes his way!
5.  He loves play-dates and his cousins.  We have play-dates once a week with some of the ladies from my small group.  He is one of the younger ones there, but he loves to watch the kids and is totally  entertained.  Same thing goes for hanging out with his cousins.  He loves to watch the big boy cousins play and Eli and Hannah are great about bringing him toys of his own to "play" with!  He is  thoroughly entertained and loves his cousins!
6.  He likes his kicking time.  He is now beginning to try and roll over.  He will lay on the ground and  we will talk and play and he will push off my hands and shove himself back. Then he will try and 
roll over.  I think it will be happening soon!
7.  I sometimes let him fall asleep in my arms. I just love to have him fall asleep in my arms.  When I see he starts to get sleepy I rock him to sleep, sing to him, and we cuddle.  It's one of my favorite times of day!
I love being home with Jonah everyday and wouldn't trade it for the world.  I get to see him change, discover news things, and love on him whenever I want to.  Thank you Lord for allowing me to be home with my baby!

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