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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Home Again

Wow, I don't even know where to start.  It has been forever since I last posted and I really don't even know where to begin.  It has been a crazy month but a fun one seeing lots of friends and family.  Our travels started out by visiting my Mom's family in Texas.  It was great to see my wonderful grandparents and get to spend our first Easter ever with them.  We stayed for five days and had fun visiting, eating, and seeing family.   Our trips then took us to Denver where we got to spend a night with our dear friends, the Mayles, from medical school.  They have two sweet twin boys, Noah and Caleb, and one on the way, Olivia.  We visited and played games until one in the morning and we all agreed that it felt as though we had not seen each other for three months instead of 3 years.  Thank you so much Jonathan and Jillian for your hospitality.

Next our travels took us to Cheyenne, WY for Seth and Rianas wedding.  Seth and Tim have been best friends since college and Tim had the privilege of being a groomsmen in their wedding.   It was a beautiful wedding and and a little reunion for all of the Carroll College graduates to be together again.  Tim's mom came down for the wedding as well and was such a huge help because she watched Jonah for us all weekend.  Thank you Mimi.

We finally landed in Montana for a visit with Mimi and Papa, and Muzzie and Papa.  We spent a few days in Billings, and then drove to Ekalaka for a few days.  I was able to be a part of Jenny's baby shower which was so special.  I am so thankful I got to meet Blake as well and hold him for the first time.

Once we got back to North Carolina our travels were not over yet.  We had two days to get used the the time change, do some laundry, and pack the car again for a trip to Charleston, South Carolina.  Will and Emily were getting hitched on Kiawah Island and we were going to be there to celebrate with them.  We got to spend the weekend with Aunt Ro, Uncle John, Kristin and Bryan.  And once again Mimi was a life saver and watched our sweet Jonah so Tim and I could frolic and play one more time. It was beautiful wedding, great time spent with family, and so nice to have an evening away.  But we are SO happy to be home.  Jonah is finally getting onto a better schedule and we are enjoying the spring weather by grilling out every night, going on long morning runs, and we got to spend a day at the zoo (those pictures to come).  Anyway here are a few random pictures from our many travels!!  Ok so here are a lot of pictures from our travels.

Easter and family pictures in Texas.

Seth and Riana's Wedding

 Home Sweet Home in Montana.

 Will and Emily's Wedding.  Kiawah Island.

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  1. These are fun pictures Amy! It's neat you were able to be with Jenny at Blake's baby shower. :)