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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pier 1 Must Haves

As Jonah takes his morning nap I once again get nothing done but check my email and peruse through the many blogs that I follow.  I guess you could say this is my time to sit and do what I want and relax a little bit over a much needed cup of coffee.  I was up at 6 am, for the little man was wide awake!!  One the blogs that I follow is offering a $100 giftcard to pier 1, one of my favorite stores for bright and fun outdoor accents.  We have a nice back deck that is so enjoyable to sit out at night.  Tim grills, Jonah plays, and I enjoy a glass of wine.  But it needs a little bit of color.  I planted tons of flowers which add some color, but I would love a few throw pillows and a rug.  I have been wanting a rug for a long time to go on my deck, but they are all pricey.  If I got this giftcard that is what I would buy, a fun, colorful rug.  So with this post I might have a chance to win.  All I have to do is share on the bloggers page that I blogged about it and I am in the drawing!  Here are a few things I like!

1.  I am going to do a turtle theme birthday party for Jonah's 1st birthday.  And I want to do aqua and
     lime.  I think these would be so cute for his party!

2.  I love this rug for my deck.  I am going with the colors aqua and green and already have a few things,  
     but oh would this rug would tie it all in!

2.  I also would like a few more pieces or outdoor serving dishes.  I have some glasses and a drink tub,
     but would like a few more things to add to my collection and to serve the food.

So there you have it.   A few fun summer things for the deck.  Pictures of our trip to the zoo to come next.  ( I know I said that in the last post!)

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