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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Erpelding Baby #2

Well I decided it was time I posted our wonderful news that baby #2 is well on the way!!  We were a little shocked when we found out we were expecting #2, but soon realized it was perfect timing and were so excited to share the news.  I had been feeling a little "off" when we were in Montana this summer visiting family.  There were times when I would be sitting in my parents living and would say out loud "I feel kind of nauseous."  From across the living I could hear my sister Laura and Julie say, as they looked up from the book or magazine that they were reading "you could be pregnant."  And I would just shrug it off.  Well after we got home from Montana I was depressed, tired, now sick a lot, and SO homesick.  All I wanted to do was go back home and be with family.

 After a couple of weeks of this Tim finally told me I needed to take a pregnancy test.  So  I went to the store, bought the cheapest one and sure enough it was positive.  But it was a faint positive.  This was NOT convincing for me because when I took a pregnancy test with Jonah it was immediately positive and VERY positive!  So I waited a whole two days:) and took another one it was faint again.  This time Tim told me I should probably wait at least a week before I took another one.  So I did and once again it was still faint.  I was still not convinced I was pregnant and was a little frustrated.  I waited another week, took another one and this time it was pretty obvious I was pregnant, ok now you are going to think I'm crazy.  I still couldn't believe that it happened this fast so I took one more test and this time Tim sat me down and told me "Honey it is positive, you seen the line, you are pregnant."  And I smiled knowing yep I'm gonna have another baby this time it was real and I was excited!  So I called the Doctor and we couldn't really figure out the exact date I was pregnant because I never got my period, but we knew it was in June sometime.  So to be sure I was far enough along they scheduled my US for August 28th.  We went in for our first ultrasound and I was 11 weeks and 5 days.  It was so fun to be so far along because we immediately called family and spread the news that Jonah was going to be a big brother!

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  1. That's a fun story of how you found out about Erpelding Baby #2! It must be so nice to already be done with three months of pregnancy. :) I'll be praying your pregnancy is a good one and that the baby is healthy.