I'm a happy RN married to a hardworking resident. We have recently become Carolina fans and are adding the color "carolina" blue to our wardrobe and home. I love the east coast and couldn't be happier living in hot, sticky climate. I was raised on a farm/ranch with two wonderful parents and three fun loving older sisters. I went to a one room country school house down the dusty dirt road with grand total of three in my class. Life in the country was rich, meaningful, and simple, just the way I like it. So from country farmgirl to coastal bell, here I am, living life and loving it!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Magnificent Grove Park Inn

Our second half of Tim's vacation was having his parents come out and visit!  Thanks for coming Mimi and Papa! They arrived on Tuesday and we got things ready and packed up to head to Asheville Wednesday morning.  Tim's parents had never been to the Biltmore before so we were excited to take them there.  And we were extra spoiled and got to stay at the Grove Park Inn.  It was beautiful and so fun to stay there.  We ate amazing food all weekend, had fun laughs, lounged in our pajamas, and our little Jonah got all the attention in the world!  Here is the weekend recap!

The view from our room!  Not too shabby huh?!

This one is a little blurry, but I had to enlarge it so you could see these two crazies faces!  Jonah was in love with his Papa.  Lots of playtime together with these two!

Tim was the photographer for this picture!  But it turned out great of Mimi and Papa!


My Family of FOUR!!  Little one you are still a part of us even though you are not here yet!
 Love you bears!!

My sweet love and I!

And that was our wonderful trip.  I have a few more picture from the apple orchard that I will post soon.  Love you Papa and Mimi!


  1. Am I to understand you're having another baby?! Congratulations Tim and Amy! We're happy for you guys!!

  2. Yes we are ! We are due in March. Very excited to be welcoming another sweet one into our family. How are you guys? Keep the posts coming love keeping up with you guys!

  3. We are doing great...I love Autumn and it's beautiful this time of the year here. I'm really happy to hear about your new baby. :)