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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Mountain

Once everyone arrived for our week together we headed up to the mountain for a little BBQ.  Mom and I had planned out every meal for the week and mom (because she is just amazing) had pre-made a bunch of meals so all we had to do was pull them our of the freezer!  The mountain meal was brats, hotdogs, beans, chips, smores, and ice tea.  Dad, Mom, Jonah, and I had gone up to the mountain a couple of times the week before to move some stumps around for chairs, and we rebuilt the fireplace.

Now the Mountain is the most amazing place on earth.  Well at least it is to my family.  I have so many memories from the mountain and from the top there is the most amazing view of the ranch and the open prairie.  We have been going up to the mountain every since I was a toddler, or for as long as I can remember.  Every year we would pack up the yellow Toyota, then it was I think some maroon truck, and then Old Green, and now we have the tan Dodge.  We would haul out our trusty 6 man tent, load the cooler with hot dogs, beans, bacon, eggs, cold pop, and smore fixins.  We would get out our sleeping bags and pillows and load up in the truck.  It was the best camping spot you could find.  Our own little piece of heaven.  So it's always a joy to go back up there even if we don't spend the night it's great to grill out over open flames and enjoy that little piece of heaven.

 Hello sweetness.  This little guy, love him to pieces!

 Uncle Mike and Grandmama enjoying watching the craziness all around!!

Muzzie, Micah, and Jonah picking up more firewood.

 Dad was the fireman. He roasted all the brats and hotdogs.

 What kid doesn't love hotdogs!!
 Sweet Micah smiling for Aunt Amy.

Steve proposed to Julie on the mountain 7 years ago.  So I got a little snapshot of the cute couple. And Laura now has a nicer camera than me (are you reading this Laura).  So she got some awesome photos, and I will have to admit I think she is a better photographer than me, well I know she is a better photographer than me!  I am anxiously awaiting the disc with those pictures:)......

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