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Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Jonah

It's funny because last year we were in Montana around Jonah's birthday and this year we were there for this birthday.  Mimi did an awesome of having everything we needed.  Birthday banner, plates, napkins, hats, cake, presents, she had it all.  It was nice being at the cabin and celebrating with family and neighbors.  I can't believe Jonah is two!  It seems like the time does go so fast and I am trying to cherish every moment and I have with him.  All the cuddles, new discoveries, new words.  It is the best being at home with him and I am blessed that I am able to do it.  He is my little buddy whom I do everything with him and I love it just that way.  Happy Birthday Jonah we love you so much!

Dear Jonah,
Happy Birthday sweet boy.  I don't even know where to start but first of all want you to know how much your Daddy and I love you.  You are our world and we love being a part of your life.  You bring us such joy and I find myself looking at your Daddy more times than not smiling at all the little things you are saying and doing.  We will be riding in the car and the excitement that comes across your face and then is said with such delight about a new thing you have just seen or discovered brings us such joy and pride.  I love to watch the way you find worms, bugs, and ants and then bring them to me with such delight.  You are seeing and and learning so many new things everyday and I just can't get over how much fun that is to see and partake in everyday.  I love our morning cuddles together, our park adventures, our grocery store runs, our jogs on the trail, setting up train tracks and watching you drive them all day.  I can't get over how in love we are with you.  Thank you for showing us what love is. We pray that God will use us to show you his love and that you will see Christ in our home and that you will know that we love and serve a Holy God.  We also pray someday you will know our Savior and have a personal relationship with him and will know the greatest love of all.  God will never fail you and loves your more than anyone will ever love you.  Daddy and Mommy love you to the moon and back and will still love you more.  I can't tell you how happy you make us.  We love you Jonah Gabriel and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with the most special and loved little boy.

Dad and Mom

I just realized there are two sets of birthday pictures and the ones that I uploaded are not the best ones. Oh well I guess you will be getting one more post of the birthday celebrations!

 Mimi did the Cars theme which was perfect for a two year old.  Jonah is into Cars right now and loves any new truck, car, train, bus, or anything with wheels!!

Mimi and Papa making Swedish pancakes with the very best Montana Huckleberry syrup you will ever have.  Anyone that comes to visit us when we move will be getting a taste of this at the cabin!

Jonah and Penne playing.  These two were best buds.  They played and tired each other out and had the best time doing it.  Every morning when Jonah would wake up the first thing we would say or ask for is "puppy."

Opening presents.  Do you see the concentration?!!

 Choo Choo!!!!  And then he got busy playing!!!

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