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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Snapshots

I told you last time there were going to be more pictures of the JBear!!  I wanted to show the fun pictures of him opening some presents and trying on his clothes he got from Grandmama.  That little boy loves new clothes and shoes.  Most kids, or at least I have seen it many times, don't really like clothes.  It is just boring to them.  No, not Jonah he loves clothes.  He would not open any more presents until we put his new shirt on him.  What a cute little guy.  We just went to REI yesterday and bought him a pair of new shoes, and he of course had to wear them out of the store.  I think this could be bad.  Tim already has a big shopper on his hands, yes yours truly, so now that Jonah is into it this momma and baby boy are going to have some fun:)

 Yay we finally got it opened and see our new outfit from Grandmama.  Grandmama is known for her thoughtfulness and remembers everyones birthday.  Now let me just fill you in that she has 5 children plus all of their spouses, 15 grandchildren and 13 spouses, and 24 great-grandchildren!!  Yes my friends and she remembers everyone single one of them, a card plus a gift.  Better than most of us can do. She is one amazing woman and she is 82 still going strong!

 Can't wait to try those new shorts on!

 Okay everyone check it out!  So cute, thanks Grandmama!

 Happy Birthday sweet Jonah!  We love you so so much!  Jonah gets german chocolate cake with the coconut frosting.  It's his Daddy's favorite too!  Thank you Mimi for thinking of my boys!

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