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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Mornings and Sitting up

Well I am back after a long two weeks.  Our household has been sick with everything from an ear infection to the flu.  SO glad we are getting over it all and hopefully past all the sickness and yuckies for the season.  Even though things have been slow around this household and our health has not been great Jonah is changing everyday and continues to learn and do new things for the first time.  He is officially sittin up now!  So exciting.  I have been trying off an on for the past few weeks and he has such strong upper body strength I though for sure he would be getting the hang of it, but just couldn't hold himself up.  Well sure enough January 31st I got him out of his crib and we played around on my bed like we do most mornings.   I just thought I would try sitting him up on our bed AND he did all on his own.  I can now sit him on the floor with toys and he sits and plays so happy and content.  He still does get tired at times and of course topples over, but he is definitely sitting up like a big boy.  My baby is getting big.  Here are a few pictures over the past few weeks of sweet Jonah.

This is how he is every morning!  Makes getting up just a little bit easier:)

And we discovered our toes.

So sweet

Ah just love him

Sitting up like a big boy

I have a ton of pictures so I will hopefully be posting more this week.  Jonah is also starting to eat solids!  Those pictures to come...

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