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Monday, June 4, 2012

Outer Banks Part II

Here is part II of our outer banks trip Memorial Day Weekend.  Things are starting to get busy around here.  With summer pretty much in full swing we are on the go.  Anything from summer BBQ's, to trips to the beach, to concerts on the lawn summer is here!!!

Our first night out eating delicious shrimp and having an ice cold beer.  Oh how I love the beach, warm weather and Jonah!

My two favorite guys!!

The next day we headed  down to Cape Hatteras.  It was such a pretty drive and we timed it just right so that Jonah took him morning nap and slept the whole way.  Unfortunately it rained the whole time we were down there, but we still got some good shots and have a fun time.
Trying to get Jonah to look at the camera was impossible!  We took a ton of pictures trying to capture at least one!  We ended up with a couple good ones!

Then on our way back we were able to stop at Bodie Light house.  You can kind of see at the bottom of the light house there was construction going on.  It was still fun to be able to get to see so many different light houses on our trip.

And once we got back we hit the pool.  Jonah loved the water.  I am so happy he was not afraid of the water.  He splashed around and had a great time.

And to finish the night off we went to the best ice cream joint in town.  This was Jonah's first time trying ice cream and really liking it.  It was so cute to see him eat it and ask for more!

And then it was sleepy time.  We got this frisbee with the meal we ordered for him from the restaurant we ate at that night.  He would not let that thing out of his sight.  He hung on to it all night and feel asleep with it in his hands!!


  1. Looked like your trip was fun! Glad to hear Jonah slept really good for you. It's warming up here which has been nice. :) Thanks for the fun pictures. Jonah has a great smile.

    1. Thanks Maddie. Glad to hear the weather is getting nicer for you guys. I am so sad you aren't posting anymore. I do understand not wanting to pay though. Did e-blogger just tell you that you had used up too much space so it was going to start charging you? If it comes to me paying for my blog there will be no more blogging for me as well. I did try and upload some pictures on my main page and it told me I had used all my storage for that part. Don't know what to do about that, but so far I have been able to keep posting without paying! Hope all is well!

    2. Hi Amy! Yeah, it's sad I can't post anymore but I did start a new blog and it's protected. I invited you awhile back...maybe you didn't get it? I will try again today. It will come to your email as a "Blogger" email and might end up in your junk mail (friends have been telling me that's what has happened to them). Sorry about that, I will try again today. :)