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Friday, January 25, 2013

Music Making and Adorable Arts

We started up our winter music and arts class.  It feels good to be back into a routine and have a few things to do every morning.  I am working on getting Jonah down to just an afternoon nap which has gone pretty well this week.  It is good for us to get out in the mornings and do things so he is kept busy and doesn't get sleepy at home!  We have stayed pretty busy which has been nice because the weather has been really cold.  It is 25 degrees right now and snowing.  It's so pretty and nice to be all warm snug inside.  Here are a few pictures of Jonah doing his crafts and enjoying the warm weather from last week!!

 This how we start the day out.  Jonah has been into his baseball cap Mimi got him last year and wants to wear it when we go out.  He also LOVES trucks and carries this green monster truck with him everywhere!!  I love that he is all boy!

 Our day at arts and music class.  Jonah I think just touched the lion was done and moving onto the next thing and I did the rest.  He is definitely not into arts.  But he sure does look forward to all the activity centers set up all around and happily toddles off to find something new to do!

 We tried a little painting and all Jonah wanted to do was eat the paint.  Thankfully the paint was homemade edible paint so I was not too worried.

 It was a beautiful day so we played outside for just a little bit.  Jonah still loves to be outside so I try and take advantage of all the nice days we can get!

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