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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This and That

Here are a few pictures of our visit with Tim's family.  It was great having Mimi out to take care of Jonah while I was in Texas.  I was so nervous about leaving him for the first time, but he did great and they had a blast together.  Christmas was a little different his year because Tim worked Christmas Eve and Day.  So we just celebrated when we could.  And Chris was here to keep us company while Tim was away at work all day.  We did get to go over to the Mosley's for Christmas dinner which was delicious and fun! Then Scott, Amy, and Joe all came in and we showed them around Durham/Chapel Hill, the campus, ate out at some great places, watched movies, shot some birds, got pedi/manis, hung out, and watched Jonah do his thing!  Unfortunately he was getting sick while they were all here so he was not in the best of moods, but he still performed at times and was a little cutie to watch.  It was a great time and we are so glad they all were able to come.

I had mentioned that Jonah and Daddy had matching coats.  Well here they are together!!  Cute boys!
 Hanging out with Mimi!

Everyday when Tim gets home from work I like to be outside so we can greet him.  Jonah gets so excited to see Tim and then wants to play in his truck.  One of his favorite places to play now!

Jonah's silly face at target.  I guess he had enough shopping!

Jonah's Christmas gift from Papa and Mimi.  He loves it, what a great gift.

We decided to go see Tim Christmas Day while he was at work.  I think we have a little doctor in training.  Maybe he will be just like Daddy?

 And our last night out to eat as a family.  Unfortunately Mimi had to go home early with Jonah because he didn't feel well.  And this night was the beginning of his fever and cold.  But we had a good time and enjoyed the food and good visiting!

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