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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Old Family Photos

I found out from a friend that you can print off your blog and make an album.  Kind of like you would make an album with shutterfly only you use your blog postings and pictures.  So because of that I wanted to go back and post a few old pictures of Papa and all his family.  I love old pictures especially ones of my family and heritage.  Here are some great pictures from when Papa was little all the up until the last few years.

Here is a picture of Papa, Momo, Popo, and Uncle Russell.  Papa had an older sister who died when she was about 7 (I think), her name was Ruth Braden.

 I just love this picture of Papa and Grandmama when they were younger.  Such sweet love!

 I'm loving this one too.  They were 19 and 20 when they got married.  Grandmama was just telling me at our last visit that they wanted to get married when she was just 18 but her father asked them to wait a year and they did.  And 62 years later still as in love!

This pictures is just the sweetest.  Papa was the town pediatrician and man did he love what he did.  And not only did he love those little babies, every mom, dad, and child loved him just as much.

Here is Papa, Ruth, and Russell.

Oh did Papa love the country and everything about it.  Here are he and Grandmama at the ranch house in Blessing, TX.  What a good looking couple.
The Matthes 7.  They were also known as 7M!

The infamous family picture every summer in Papa and Grandmama's backyard by the pool!


  1. That's a great post you'll be able to print off and keep forever. It's fun seeing pictures of your Mom when she was younger too.

  2. Thanks. It was fun to look through all of these fun photos. And thanks to you I can print them and keep them!!