I'm a happy RN married to a hardworking resident. We have recently become Carolina fans and are adding the color "carolina" blue to our wardrobe and home. I love the east coast and couldn't be happier living in hot, sticky climate. I was raised on a farm/ranch with two wonderful parents and three fun loving older sisters. I went to a one room country school house down the dusty dirt road with grand total of three in my class. Life in the country was rich, meaningful, and simple, just the way I like it. So from country farmgirl to coastal bell, here I am, living life and loving it!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flip Flops and Sandcastles Part I

We are getting back into a nice little routine with most of our days spent outside.  When we left for our vacation it was cold and in the 50's.  When we returned it has been in the 70's and 80's, whoop whoop. So that means little house work is being done and lots of playing and getting dirty is happening.  And the trees were full of leaves with the beautiful lime green color of fresh life and spring in it's glory. We had amazing weather in Florida, I think it was overcast one day.  So we spent lots of time roaming the beach, eating amazing seafood (which just happens to be one of my favorite foods to eat), family time, watching Jonah run around, and getting some sun.  It was good to get away and just relax and not think about anything.  Tim was able to sleep in a few mornings and we were able to go out on a date because Mimi and Papa offered to watch Jonah for us.  We had oysters, clams, and mussels and ate all we could stuff into our faces.  It was amazing.  Now I am having withdrawals. Here are some pictures to recap our starting fresh and feeling anew again.

 Some pictures of where we stayed.  The condo was on the first floor and right outside our back door was the pool.  And we were really close to the beach so it was a quick and easy walk.

 Jonah eating his favorite summer fruit, watermelon.  He was a mess but we didn't care.  He was enjoying it and having fun all at the same time.

 Jonah and his Mimi.
 He loved the aquarium.  We took him there one morning and he saw lots of fish, sharks, jellyfish and we got to see a sea lion show!

 And mommy always has to get some sort of photo shoot in.  Mimi and I took him to the beach one morning and I was just snapping away.  I loved this little outfit he was in and got some good beach pictures.


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