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Monday, April 29, 2013

Trucks, Wheels, and Water!

What a wonderful weekend we had.  Tim was off Saturday and Sunday so we had lots of family time together.  Oh how I cherish those days when I have my husband home.  Saturday was a fun filled day.  We went to the mall parking lot and they had "Touch a Truck" going on.  It is where they brought an ambulance, city bus, sheriff car, police motorcycle, bomb squad truck, and more.  Jonah did pretty good.  There were a few kiddy things, like a bounce house, that he did not like, but liked everything else for the most part.  Jonah calls trucks or anything big with wheels a "boop boop."  It is so cute to hear him say that.  We are now teaching him to say "beep beep" and he is catching on!   After the truck show we came home to a relaxing afternoon and fun washing the car.  I think from now on when the weather gets hots I am going to get Jonah a bucket with water and he can go to town with it!!

 I think the tractor was one of Jonah's favorites.  Not too big and scary and fun to play on.  He is sitting with his girlfriend Lillia who joined us for the day!

 Such a little boy in the big seat!!  Happy behind the steering wheel!

 Tim and Jonah in the Duke life flight ambulance.  It was huge.  The guy told us the rig is a moving ICU.  They transport the sickest of the sick wherever they need to go.

 It started out as fun in water splashing around.  And then he discovered picking grass and adding that was fun.  And then he found dirt, pollen pods, bark, you name it. He was having a blast.

 And then we soon discovered the water washing down the driveway.  And splashing in that was even more fun than splashing in the bucket!!

 Daddy decided to spray a little water on Jonah.  He liked it and loved getting wet.  I think we are going to have a fun wet summer!

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