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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Asheville Getaway

It's time for some catching up on my blog!  It's been a fun crazy 7 days because Mimi is in town and we are having a blast.  She got here Wednesday and we have been running ever since.  Every year the Anesthesia group sends the senior residents to Asheville (or wherever the conference in that year) for a graduation gift to attend the Anesthesia conference of North Carolina and South Carolina.  So this year it was in Asheville and they paid for our hotel and gas and some food money.  We were able to make a fun trip with little money, score!  We arrived Thursday afternoon and Tim and I were able to hangout, just the two of us.  We went to Tupelo Honey for dinner, (amazing food and one of my most absolute favorite places to eat) watched a little concert in the park, walked around downtown Asheville and stayed up until 10pm in our hotel room watching HGTV, best night ever!!  No room sharing with the little babe and no going to bed at 7:30:)  Plus it was so relaxing knowing he was in such good hands.

Then Friday we slept in, which was another amazing thing, had a quiet relaxing breakfast and hit the golf course.  There was golfing, chatting, eating, more eating, lounging by the pool, magazine reading (the hollywood, catch up on all the dirt, get fit, tell you what to eat, People magazine) and the more sophisticated Martha Stewart (who I still love) that told me what to cook and how to decorate.  That night we met up with all Tim's classmates and some spouses and ate at the Lobster Trap.  Another one of my most favorite places to eat in Asheville.  I am always a sucker for lobster, crab, and seafood for that matter.  After the Lobster Trap we hit the town.  We had some drinks, ate a little more, and enjoyed a fun fun evening.  We didn't go to bed until 12:30, but it was so great to enjoy another evening out.

Saturday we slept in again, watched some more tv from bed (something I love to do when staying at hotels), did a little antiqueing (I wanted everything in the Tobacco Barn), and ate one more totally relaxing meal together.  Then we checked out and realized we could hardly wait to get home to Jonah!  It was such a great time away that Tim and I really needed.  We had a great time and laughed about how life used to be so easy when it was just the two of us, BUT we were so happy to see Jonah and couldn't wait to see our little bear.  Thanks so much Mimi for watching Jonah I know you both had a great time!  I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked (always the case) but here are a few from our trip away.

Chris and Jeff talking a drive in the golf cart ready to hit some balls!

 It has been a long four years, but such a fun journey with some great people.  Tim has really had a great experience at UNC and has become really close with most of his classmates.  This weekend was really good for everyone for have one last time together.

Date night with my honey.  It was so fun to fix my hair (which I have not done is forever) put a little makeup on, and get dressed up.  Asheville is such a pretty town and it was great to be back for a visit.

 These two goofs are best buds.  Chris's wife was not able to come with him for the weekend so he hung with us.  He is so much fun and He and Tim well, as you can see, have a fun time together!

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  1. I'm glad you had a fun date time, Amy! You look beautiful and it sounded like a fun time. :)