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Monday, June 24, 2013

Zoo Fun

Tim was post-call last week so we decided to take his mom to the zoo.  It is an amazing zoo with lots of exhibits and animals to see.  This time we did a few little extras that we have never done (thanks mimi!!) and we go to gon on the carousel and do the dinosaur walk.  Jonah loved both.  The Dinosaur walk was pretty amazing.  So many different ones and they made noise and moved, Jonah loved it but was a little afraid.  I got some good shots of him totally enthralled and looking so intently.  It was fun day and we are so glad we were able to take Mimi.

 My two favorite boys!!!

 We stayed at the monkeys a long time.  Jonah loves monkeys and had a blast just running around.  Once we started out on the trail and saw the lions it was all over from there, he was out of the stroller and running at full speed!

 We are on the dinosaur trail here.  He loved them but held on very tight to Mimi.  They looked so real to him and he was focused the entire time!

The elephants were our last stop.  Tim and I both love the elephants and we figured this was a great sopt for a background.  Isn't the animal habitat amazing.  They have so much space to roam and are so free and pretty to watch walk around.  I'm kind of like a kid, love going to the zoo!

 Fun with Mim on the "train."  Jonah gets so excited to ride the tram which takes your from the North American animals to the African animals.  But he loves to ride it and calls it the choo choo!

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