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Sunday, June 9, 2013

He is 22 months

Well my little baby turned 22 months yesterday. I am a little behind getting this post up but wanted to celebrate Jonah and report what he has been up to these days.  He has been loving the outdoors!  Lots of time at home in the drive-way playing with his cars, bubbles, transferring dirt from trucks to buckets, rolling and throwing balls, and enjoying his time outside to the fullest. We have been staying close to home because he has been discovering more these days and its so nice to just be at home.  We make it to a few parks during the week, have a play-date scheduled here and there, and play at the pool with his cousins.   Jonah is such a joy and I am really enjoying my time with him right now.  We had a few rough weeks of teething, sickness, and waking up a lot at night.  But he has been sleeping through the night and sleeping in until 6:30 which is a treat since it had been a 5:00 am wake-up call.  He is starting to say more words and and putting things together which is so neat to see how he is advancing and growing up!  Jonah is 23 pounds and has 16 of his 20 teeth.  We will be happy when he gets those molars and is DONE teething.  He still sleeps in his crib and now he only has his pacifier for naps and bedtime.  My baby is getting so big.  Well that is a little about our little man.  Happy 22 months Jonah!  LOVE, LOVE,  LOVE you!!!

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