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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hotdog's Anyone?

I am a little behind on my pictures so I am slowly catching up.  Since Tim was gone last weekend I spent the weekend with the Mosley clan!!  We had a fun filled day on Friday starting off with swimming, which Jonah didn't really love, he just wanted to play around the pool.  I am hoping maybe a few more times to the pool and he will be ready to get in the water.  Then we headed back to my sister's for a nice little bonfire and BBQ.  The weather was perfect and the weenies were cooked to perfection.  There was lots of swinging, sliding, football games, toy pushing, and doggy piles!  Thanks Mosley's for putting us up for two nights!

 Eli enjoying his camping chair and the campfire!

Joshua is such a big helper with Jonah.  And Jonah loves Joshua so they make a pretty good team!

After a busy day at the pool and lots of playing outside, Jonah pounded a 1.5 hotdogs, chips, and 3 helpings of fruit!  Oh boy I can just imagine what it will look like in 10 years!!

 Sweet Amelia giving me a great big smile!
 And the happy host couple!
 There are so many new things to play with at the Mosley's.  And for some reason Jonah loves helmets, I guess this will be very helpful in a few years.

And you must end the night with some good ole cousin wrestling!!

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