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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Berry Patch

We went Strawberry picking with the cousins last week.  It was a beautiful day and we picked lots of strawberries to take home.  Jonah had a blast picking the strawberries and was putting them in his mouth as fast as he was picking them.  He had fun following his cousins around and we enjoyed the rest of the day together.

Getting directions for where to pick.  Everyone excited with buckets in hand!

 Pretty excited about all the strawberries he could pick and eat!

 Do you see his mouth is full of a strawberry and he is going for more

Amelia giving me a great big smile and showing me her strawberry.  She did pretty good picking only the ripe ones.

 A very messy strawberry stained face = very very happy boy

 The finished product.  A beautiful harvest of ripe, red, delicious strawberries.

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