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Friday, May 17, 2013

Sister's Gone Wild

Laura and I got the chance to go visit plantations on Saturday.  Can you say "yipeeeeee!"  We both love history, the Civil War, and wish that we lived on plantations.  So since Kurt was so sweet and offered to watch Jonah and kids for the day we took him up on his offer and headed on our "Sister's gone wild" trip.  Tim was in Montana interviewing for a job so I was needing anything I could find to keep Jonah and I occupied while he was out of town.  We woke up early Saturday morning and hit the road.  We both have been to Williamsburg and on your way home from Williamsburg there about 10 plantations you can visit along the way.  When Laura last visited she has three young children so she didn't get to stop at any of them.  When I last visited Jonah was 3 months old and we didn't get to stop at any. So this was make-up time and we had a wonderful day together!

 Out first stop was the Shirley Plantation.  It was the most beautiful and our favorite.  The house was amazing and it had such pretty grounds.  Laura spent out time planning our next family reunion right here.  Yeah right we wish!

 I can picture myself living here!

Our next stop was the Berkley plantation.  The house was not as pretty as the Shirley Plantation but this place had amazing grounds.  It was so beautiful with a great walk to the river.  There was actually a wedding later that evening.  I would have loved to have seen how that all turned out!

This is a picture of the kitchen.  And the sign with the hole explained a cannon ball had been lodged in the kitchen from the civil war.  That was pretty neat to see.

The Berkley plantation has been in many families since the 1600's.  Unfortunately the families never had a lot of money so it has taken a lot for them to keep it up and open to the public.  We realized on our plantation tour that a lot of the plantations are no longer open to the public because of how much it costs to run them and keep them open.  So sad since we love history and touring plantations so much.

Our yummy lunch.  It was so nice to sit down and eat a meal without having to feed someone else, rush through our meal, or deal with any meltdowns.  We had some great food as well.  I got the spinach, walnut, apple, and goat cheese salad.  Oh yes right up my ally!

This is the cute little restaurant that was originally a home turned into restaurant 

And the last plantation we got to visit, because we took so long touring the ones before, was the Kittiewan plantation.  This one was off the beaten path which has recently been taken over by the Archeological Society of VA.  It wasn't as grand on the outside but very ornate on the inside.

 Love the molding inside. I would love this in my dinning room someday!

It was such a fun little trip and we had a great time together.

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  1. That's great you two sisters had a day together! It was fun seeing Julie the other day. I'm glad she stopped by and saw us.